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Wednesday, September 29, 2010


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Matt Churchill

We don't get The Spin Crowd in the UK, sounds like it's an interesting take on the industry. I'll have to hunt it down online somewhere...

Looking forward also to your documentary :)


Oh Spin Crowd!

The biggest part for me is also having a significant other who is understanding and supportive. When all else fails at work, its nice to know the madness doesn't continue at home and into my relationship.

One point I'd add to finding the equilibrium is help a co-worker in need. Many times I've helped cover off on co-workers projects while they were trying to fit more life into the work/life balance. Giving them peace of mind may mean taking on a few extra tasks some days, but when I need the help, I know I can count on them as well. GO TEAM!


Thanks for this post, Phil! As always, words of the wise about work life balance from someone that loves their job. It really is easier if you like your client, and secondly your coworkers. As Gloria noted above, your coworkers can make a breakdown-level workload a walk-in-the-park-level workload. Just don't forget to pay it forward! GO TEAM! is right.


@matt: Umm... You're up pretty late, bro'.

@gloria/@eliza: Wow! I have half the Gravel Pit represented on my blog. If Maria and Rebecca showed up, it'd be like the *real* Gravel Pit... except not... Or something...

Indeed, coworkers like yourselves make things very fun during the workday. In some ways, don't you miss the Big Orange Room? Then again... you do have things like walls and stuff now.

@gloria: Sorry about blasting Slayer's "Raining Blood" tonight. Had to be done. *8-)

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