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Sunday, November 28, 2010


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Chris Thilk

I think there's no more clear example of how right you are than the story that's making the rounds right now about how the studios, which have willingly given Netflix control of their digital futures, which they are now seeking to reclaim. Netflix - and the market in general - has evolved in ways Hollywood didn't anticipate.

While Netflix sees itself as innovating in much the way any other tech firm would, Hollywood sees it as a threat to entrenched interests and is looking for ways to muzzle it. It's completely legal but the studios aren't making as money as they think they're entitled to and so are looking for any means to cut off Netflix.

Unfortunately for them this will mean they're crippling one of the preferred tools of the actual end audience, but that's not important so long as they can artificially keep DVD sales inflated until the last possible moment, when desperation forces them to make a hard decision.

Silicon Valley (or whatever you prefer to call it) fails fast and iterates quickly. Hollywood does neither of those things.

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