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Thursday, March 03, 2011


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Interesting post. I didn't see the draw to Quora. I also didn't have the following either...

John Cass

I'm hoping that the people at Quora listen to all of the advice they receive from users. I think the service has an interesting combination of services.. part wikipedia, part linkedin, but the social network brings them all together. Your point about Quora being out of step with other tools is well taken, they just need a 3rd party app.. maybe Tweetdeck can help.

But to me, what's interesting about Quora is that it just shows you there's still room for innovation, even if in hindsight combining a social networking with a wiki seems a pretty obvious thing to do...in fact I think socialtext created one. And if Quora does or does not succeed (I think by innovating), that idea will somewhere else.


A site like Quora sounds like a great opportunity for an enterprising young professional to promote him or herself online. Assuming Quora hits critical mass and turns into the next big thing, being a Quora superstar could be great PR and well worth your time and effort.

This is all random speculation, mind you - I don't have an invitation to Quora and can't check it out for myself.

long island advertising agencies

Quora is slowly losing the race to the top of social networks. Or have they ever been competitive in the market? It is time that they take it up a notch.

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