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Monday, December 05, 2011


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pr is...what pr people do...as defined by the late John Reed.


Bill Paarlberg

School Lunch Program: "PR is classified as a vegetable."

Keith Trivitt

Phil - Thanks for this tongue-in-cheek look at the impact that #PRDefined *may* have on various groups and organizations that interact regularly with PR pros.

The initiative has been a great success so far, with 927 submissions, and about 16,000 words submitted to the PRDefined website (http://bit.ly/PRDefined).

We're moving forward with analyzing all of the data, but your post certainly brings the need for this project into greater light, which we thank you for.

And as for my favorite of your examples? "Letter to The Economist: 'SIR - With regard to public relations...'" Because we all know that is exactly what every letter in The Economist is written.

Keith Trivitt
Associate Director


A better title for this post would be: How PRSA's Crowdsourcing Experiment Could Go Hilariously Wrong


This is hilarious. My hope was the request made it to Reddit, skewing the data set with "pwnd" and troll-faces (somehow). Edward Bernays fought for a uniform definition and subsequent licensing his whole life -- bet he didn't see this tactic coming. Nice work!

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